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About Us

Solarwize is a subsidiary of the “Rocksonic” brand which has been selling various audio-visual electronic equipment such as amplifiers, speakers, mixers, etc. for close to 30 years in Southern Africa. Just as “Rocksonic” was able to sell high quality electronic equipment at an affordable price and became a reputable brand in the market, Solarwize was established to do the same for the Solar Industry.

Solarwize was established in 2007 with the sole objective of offering Southern Africa, the highest quality green energy products at an affordable price. We believe in offering our clients not only the best quality products but also world-class service.

What We Stand For


Many of the items we sell are manufactured locally using the latest cutting edge technology and strict quality control methods. The products we do import are sourced by our own overseas team that follow strict quality assessment procedures to ensure that we only purchase products of the highest quality.

To further ensure our products are suitable to local conditions, all our products are tested by the SABS and are all SABS compliant. So when you buy a Solarwize product, you can be rest assured that no compromise was made when it comes to the quality.

Your Peace Of Mind


Solarwize has a network of qualified installers ready to get the job done, whether you install a small solar power system for your home or a large commercial water heating system for your business, our team will get it done quickly, neatly, and professionally.

If there is a problem, our team will be happy to check it and fix it for you. Just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you. Our teams offer to come out on a regular basis to maintain the products you purchase so you will be using our products for a long, long, loooong time.

Powered By Nature

The highest quality green energy products at an affordable price.

Power Your Home with the Power Of Nature

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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